On a bright and sunny afternoon we had the cutest Easter egg hunt for these darling kids. There is  nothing more thrilling than seeing your kids run around with joy is they play together and find eggs, catch large bubbles and simply enjoy being outside! The kids were thrilled to search Tiny's milk and  cookies for all of the eggs that we had for them. I couldn't believe the adorable flower crowns that Kourtnie from Alan Studios designed! They are the perfect addition to an Easter basket  and no doubt a favor item that will be worn well past Easter. Her handmade flowers would be perfect for a basket or being hung in a little girls room!! Honestly she really outdid herself with the baskets and creations, just look at those poppers!!! We had the best time, and as you can see, my little red head didn't stop running in the joy the whole time! We will treasure these darling photos! Click here to download the printable for your bunny!!

Invites / Prints: @thesensibletype

Handmade florals / Flower crown / Basket design: @alaanstudios

Photographer: @lezuphotography

Easter tags: @partyPlacecards

Shoot design: @brunchandslay