Morning Ritual "Sacred Ten"

Hey, Y'all! This last week I attended Tiffany Peterson's "Elevation" which was an incredibly life altering experience. She is a life & sales coach who have helped people across the globe the live the life they dream- NOW. Her passion, knowledge and calm explanations of these truths can teach anyone willing to uplevel their lives. One of the things I found most poignant was the "Morning Ritual." The first ten minutes of the day (Ten minutes, one hour, or whatever you choose) a habit of starting your day with centering, planning, preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for what you plan to achieve. This means NO CELL PHONES and waking up at a time you can prepare for the barrage of distractions throughout the day. (I am holding myself to this, so please pray for me.. haha!) I thought I would better let Tiff explain it, click here for the video! You are going to love her.

I thought it would be nice to have a place to write down what I am doing everyday for my ritual and thought I would share it with y'all!! If you click below it will direct you to a dropbox link to retrieve this print which says,"My Morning Ritual." You can frame it and write on dry erase marker, your morning ritual for that week, month, etc. Some may simply include the focus of that time. Enjoy, and let me know what some of your rituals are!


Image by: Pepperfox photo 

Image by: Pepperfox photo 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. If you are looking for the greatest photographer, Pepperfox photo is truly incomparable. 


Jennie Moss